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A bribe is given consciously in nine out of ten cases
2008-09-15 10:56

Lithuanian citizens give a bribe consciously in nine out of ten cases. Just a small number of residents become victims of corruption due to ignorance of the fact that their certain behaviour is considered corrupt, state officials of the Special Investigation Service (STT).

Let’s root out corruption in municipalities
2008-06-08 14:32

Lithuanian and foreign experience shows that municipal staff are probably the most strongly inclined to get involved in corruption. Residents believe that activities of local government are often not transparent, the public are improperly made aware of decision-making and delays in it, and public servants are suspected of seeking personal benefit from allocation of government funds and from supervision of municipal management.

STT encourages people to report corruption
2008-02-09 15:19

In September, the Special Investigation Service (hereinafter referred to as “the STT”) will again urge residents not to remain indifferent and report possible cases of corruption. In the period between 1 and 30 September, social anti-corruption advertisements encouraging people to call and report corruption are to be displayed again on outdoor video screens in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Alytus, Kėdainiai, Mažeikiai, Telšiai and Utena.

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