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 High-Profile Trading in Influence Case Submitted to Court
2016-05-20 17:11

Special Investigation Service together with the Prosecutor General’s Office finished pre-trial investigation, launched in February, concerning trading in influence.

 Compulsory anticorruption education for future drivers
2016-05-18 13:44

On 18 May, Special Investigation Service (STT) signed a cooperation agreement with the State Road Transport Inspectorate (SRTI) under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

 Discussion about business ethics
2016-05-13 13:46

On 13 May, business leaders, business ethics experts, supply managers and other interested parties shared best business practices and discussed the tools used to check the reliability of company supply chains and trustworthiness and transparency of suppliers. They also discussed how the suppliers respond to a request to sign a supplier’s declaration, code of ethics or any other paper on transparent behaviour.

 Pre-Trial Investigation Launched on the Alleged Large-Scale Corruption
2016-05-12 12:30

The Special Investigation Service (STT) has initiated pre-trial investigation of large-scale bribery and trading in influence.

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