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STT officials have shared their experience with colleagues from Uzbekistan
2013-10-10 16:12

Today Uzbekistan delegation visited Special Investigation Service (STT). The officials got acquainted with STT as a special anti-corruption body and spoke about corruption prevention, criminal prosecution and anti – corruption education issues.

Giving a bribe to a doctor is a crime
2013-09-19 16:07

STT and the Lithuanian Ministry of Health encourage society to be intolerant towards corruption in the health system and refrain from giving bribes to doctors.

Closer STT and STI cooperation in cases of tax evasion and corruption offences
2013-06-17 16:05

State Tax Inspectorate under the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance (further – STI) and Special Investigation Service (STT)  signed a co – operation agreement which lays down the procedure for taking join actions between two bodies in disclosing and investigating corruption offences in tax administration and related areas. Under the agreement, institutions will pursue further co-operation in investigating cases of illicit enrichment.

The Parliament approved the Performance Report of the Special Investigation Service for 2012
2013-06-11 16:00

Today the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (Seimas) approved the Performance Report of the STT for 2012.  When presenting it in the Parliament, Director of STT Saulius Urbanavičius made an overview of the most important results under the three main directions of the fight against corruption: criminal prosecution, corruption prevention and anti-corruption education. He also emphasized that during 2012, the STT focused on complex corruption investigations.

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