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 STT Contributed to Changes in the Fight against Corruption in Azerbaijan
2011-09-20 15:45

STT has completed the EU-funded Twinning Project, Support for the Anti-Corruption Department with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan that lasted for more than two years. At the closing conference held on the 19th of September 2011 in Baku, Aidenas Karpus, the Project Leader and the First Deputy Director of STT, reviewed the project implementation period and introduced its results.

 Parliament Adopted National Anti-Corruption Programme for 2011–2014
2011-06-16 15:53

Upon the approval of the Lithuanian Parliament, the updated National Anti-Corruption Programme was launched. The Programme provides for more than 90 preventive measures to be implemented in 2011–2014. Officers of the Special Investigation Service (STT) note that the updated Programme includes measures that are oriented towards tangible and measurable results and specifies more clear-cut criteria for achieving them.

 European Union extended programme of support to Anti-Corruption Department of Azerbaijani Prosecutor General
2011-05-02 12:44

The European Union has extended for five months its program of support to the Azerbaijani top prosecutor’s anti-corruption department, citing progress made since the program was launched in 2009.

 STT officials have shared their experience with colleagues from Poland
2011-04-06 14:05

On April 6, the Polish police delegation visited the Special Investigation Service (STT) and noted STT activities, practical experience of officials investigating corruption offences.

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