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 EU support to the STT activities efficiency improvement
2010-03-26 14:54

The Special Investigation Service (herein – the STT or the Service) is starting  implementation of the project financed from the EU funds for introduction of a unified   budget planning and implementation control, finance and material resources accounting and management system.

 STT chief participated in the international conference in Latvia
2010-03-26 12:18

On March 25 Žimantas Pacevičius, Director of the Special Investigation Service (STT) participated in the international conference titled “Specialized Anti-Corruption Agencies: independent to be effective, effective to lose independence” having taken place in Latvia.

 STT activity labelled as “exemplary” at the International conference in Bulgaria
2010-03-22 15:22

During March 16 to 18 the representative of the Special Investigation Service (herein the STT) took part in the conference titled “Counter Corruption Best Practices for Europe” organised in Sofia (Bulgaria) by the George C.Marshall European Centre, and the U.S. Department of State, at which the STT activity was named as an example for the anti-corruption institutions of other countries to be followed.

 STT project to strengthen Azerbaijani colleagues’ public relations skills
2010-02-24 14:48

During February 24 and 25 the Special Investigation Service (STT) also involving the specialists of the Public Relations Department of the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) will deliver workshops on communication and public relations to the officers of the Anti-Corruption Department with the General Prosecutor of Republic of Azerbaijan (herein – the Department).

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