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 STT project to strengthen Azerbaijani colleagues’ public relations skills
2010-02-24 14:48

During February 24 and 25 the Special Investigation Service (STT) also involving the specialists of the Public Relations Department of the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) will deliver workshops on communication and public relations to the officers of the Anti-Corruption Department with the General Prosecutor of Republic of Azerbaijan (herein – the Department).

 International corruption cases investigation experience shared by the Lithuanian law enforcement experts in Azerbaijan
2010-02-12 14:11

During February 10 and 11 the expert of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania arranged meetings with the Anti-Corruption Department with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan (herein – the Department) on international cases co-ordination and execution issues, discussed ways of cooperation with the Interpol, Europol and Eurojust institutions.

 STT suggests to extend the scope of regulations on confiscation of an illegally acquired property
2010-02-09 14:08

The Special Investigation Services (herein – the STT) with participation of the representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office and other interested institutions, has prepared and presented to the National Security and Defence Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania the draft law amending Art.91 and 94 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Lithuania and supplementing above Code with Art.1681, and the draft law amending Art.72 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania and supplementing said Code with Art.1891

 STT took part in the EU member states anti-corruption institutions meeting
2010-02-06 13:58

The representative of the Special Investigation Service (STT) participated in the meeting of the European Union (EU) member states contact-point network against corruption having taken place in Brussels during February 4 to 5.

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