GRECO experts visit to Lithuania

The experts of the group of the Council of Europe member states against corruption (GRECO) visited Lithuania during January 26 30.

Winners of the school students contest on anticorruption themes announced

The Special Investigation Service (STT) and the Lithuanian School Students Union (LMS) chose the best drawings and essays having taken part in the contest “No Hand to Corruption”.

Tribute paid to fighters against corruption on the international anti-corruption day

On December 9  nine persons comprising national, regional and internet media representatives and TV and radio program presenters were given out the prizes in the contest „Media Against Corruption“ – the statuettes of pens symbolising a laureate acuity of mind, attitude and writing. This was the 2nd edition of the contest organised by the Special Investigation Service (STT), the Lithuanian Journalists Union (LŽS) and the National Association of Journalists Creators (NŽKA).

Law knowledgeable residents chill bribe demanders

There could be less corruption in Lithuania if its population were better aware of their rights and were defending them. Such presupposition is made by the STT officers combating corruption in our country.