A cooperation agreement with the Customs Training Centre

Today, Director of The Special Investigation Service (STT) Saulius Urbanavičius and Head of the Customs Training Centre Halina Černiauskienė signed a cooperation agreement on the training of officials.

Signed a cooperation agreement with the National Land Service

Special Investigation Service (STT) and the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture or Republic of Lithuania signed a cooperation agreement to improve coordination of the investigation of criminal acts and development of corruption prevention.

STT officials have shared their experience with colleagues from Uzbekistan

Today Uzbekistan delegation visited Special Investigation Service (STT). The officials got acquainted with STT as a special anti-corruption body and spoke about corruption prevention, criminal prosecution and anti – corruption education issues.

Giving a bribe to a doctor is a crime

STT and the Lithuanian Ministry of Health encourage society to be intolerant towards corruption in the health system and refrain from giving bribes to doctors.