Ambassador to Azerbaijan: “Support of Lithuanian specialists is highly appreciated in this country”

Kęstutis Kudzmanas, the Lithuanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, is glad about the will of this country’s politicians and their particularly decisive combat against corruption which also resulted from activities of employees of the Special Investigation Service (STT) and the Prosecutor General‘s Office of the Republic of Lithuania performed under the European Union (EU) financed Twinning project.

STT has completed the implementation of EU financed project activities

On 31 December 2010, the Special Investigation Service (STT) of the Republic of Lithuania competed the implementation of activities under project No.VP1-4.2-VRM-03-V-01-044 “Automation of Budget Planning Finance Accounting, Contract Management, Asset Acquisition, and Asset Management Processes at the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania” financed from EU Structural Funds.

STT successfully continues the Twinning project in Azerbaijan

The Special Investigation Service (STT) continues European Union (EU) financed Twinning project “Support for the Anti-Corruption Department with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan” (hereinafter referred to as Twinning project) started in July 2009. More than half of works has been accomplished, the Project is to be completed in the middle of next year.

The number of STT’s complicated pre-trial investigation cases has doubled

Over 11 months of 2010, the Special Investigation Service (STT) was investigating 224 pre-trial investigation cases, which is 11 cases more than for the same period of the last year. However, officials identified 447 corruption-related offences, i.e. 17 per cent more than for the same period of the last year (389), and 30 per cent more suspects (268 and 208, respectively) who committed corruption offences, which are most latent and are most difficult to expose and investigate.