The Lithuanian youth actively observe the International Anti-Corruption Day

On December 9, with the World observing the International Anti-Corruption Day proclaimed by the United Nations, attention is drawn to corruption problem, call for its public intolerance. Throughout the whole week, the Lithuanian youth participate in various events aimed at discussing combat against corruption.

Moldavian officials to take an internship in STT

Three officials of the Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (CCCEC) of the Republic of Moldova are to take an internship at the Special Investigation Service (STT) on November 29 – December 3.

Prerequisites for corruption occurrence in the MES’s project selection

Officials of the Special Investigation Service (STT) have examined the legal framework of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) for planning and coordinating the European Union structural support for 2007-2013. Procedures for project selection defining and planning, prior calling and drawing up of a list of projects have been analysed.

STT visited by Tajik delegation

On November 15-18, Tajik delegation will visit Lithuanian and Latvian public and law-enforcement institutions, become acquainted with the system and experience of anti-corruption institutions.