STT suggests to extend the scope of regulations on confiscation of an illegally acquired property

The Special Investigation Services (herein – the STT) with participation of the representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office and other interested institutions, has prepared and presented to the National Security and Defence Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania the draft law amending Art.91 and 94 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Lithuania and supplementing above Code with Art.1681, and the draft law amending Art.72 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania and supplementing said Code with Art.1891

STT took part in the EU member states anti-corruption institutions meeting

The representative of the Special Investigation Service (STT) participated in the meeting of the European Union (EU) member states contact-point network against corruption having taken place in Brussels during February 4 to 5.

STT to continue Twinning Program project in Azerbaijan

The activity and financial report for the 1st quarter of the Twinning Project of the European Union titled „Support for the Anti-Corruption Department with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan“ carried out by the Special Investigation Service (STT) was confirmed on December 15 in Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Winners of “Media Against Corruption” Contest Awarded

The contest “Media Against Corruption 2009” was held by the Special Investigation Service (STT), the Lithuanian Journalists Union (LŽS) and the National Association of Journalists Creators (NŽKA) already a third time. The contest winners award ceremony took place on Monday, December 14.