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Anti-Corruption Assessment of LegislationPrint

In compliance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Prevention of Corruption, Article 8, the Special Investigation Service (hereinafter referred to as the STT or the Service) on its own initiative, or proposed by the President, Speaker of the Seimas, Prime Minister, a Seimas committee or a parliamentary group, conducts anticorruption assessment of legislation and their drafts.

Anti-corruption assessment of legislation and their drafts (a conclusion on anti-corruption assessment) is presented  to a state or local authority which was drafted, adopted or initiated a draft law or to a developer of a draft law who decides whether or not the relevant piece of legislation should be improved.

In 2012–2017, anticorruption assessment of legislation and their drafts was conducted in the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Health and pharmacies
  • Environmental protection
  • Law enforcement
  • Territorial planning and state oversight of constructions
  • Transport
  • Public procurement
  • Tax administration
  • Political activities
  • Economic activities
  • Social security
  • Education and science
  • Land management
  • State governance
  • Public Administration

Anti-corruption assessment procedure of existing or draft legislation in Special Investigation Servise

Examples of Anti-Corruption assessments


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