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The fight against corruption has to be systemic and  involve all institutions

The objective of the National Anti-corruption Programme of the Republic of Lithuania for 2015-2025 is to ensure a long-term, effective and targeted anti-corruption and control system in the Republic of Lithuania in 2015-2025.

The Programme covers the most important provisions of the national anti-corruption policy in the public and private sectors.

Objectives of the Programme:

  • Striving for greater management efficiency in the public sector, transparency and openness of decision making and procedures, accountability to the public and higher resilience to corruption in the civil service.
  • Ensuring the application of the principle of unavoidable liability.
  • Reducing the supervisory and administrative burden on economic entities by transforming the system of institutions carrying out the supervision of economic entities.
  • Ensuring fair competition and transparent and rational purchase of supplies, works or services in public procurement.
  • Increasing transparency, reducing and eliminating possibilities of manifestations of corruption in the field of healthcare.
  • Promoting zero tolerance for corruption and encouraging the involvement of the public in anti-corruption activities.

Priority fields of the Programme: political activities and legislation; activities of the judiciary and law enforcement institution; public procurement; healthcare and social security; spacial planning, state supervision of construction and waste management; supervision of activities of economic entities; public administration, civil service and asset management; anticorruption education and awareness raising.

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