In 2022, the STT received more reports from individuals and paid out almost twice as much for valuable information

Last updated: 2023-01-12 14:32
In 2022, the STT received more reports from individuals and paid out almost twice as much for...

Every year, the Special Investigation Service (STT) receives an increasing number of reports from individuals about possible corrupt practices. In 2022, more than 4,700 reports were received, of which only 4.7% were anonymous. 57 people were rewarded for valuable information, with a total payment of more than €40,000.

If the information provided by a person on a criminal offence of a corrupt nature is valuable and has contributed to the detection or prevention of a criminal offence of a corrupt nature, the person may be rewarded with a single monetary payment. In 2022, 57 people were rewarded with a total payout of more than €40,000, almost twice as much as in 2021 (€22,000 for 31 people). The highest amount paid to one person is €2,500 (after taxes).

“Every report a person submits to the Service is important. We are pleased that the number of reports we receive is steadily increasing: 2,413 reports were received in 2020, 4,350 in 2021 and 4,729 in 2022. In 2022, nearly 30% of all pre-trial investigations by the STT were initiated on the basis of reports from residents. The highest number of reports of possible violations of the law were received in the areas of health, environment, local government and justice. One of the most notable cases is a pre-trial investigation into possible bribery at the Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, based on a report submitted by a person. More than €70,000 in fines have already been imposed in this investigation,” said Mikas Bukauskas, Head of the STT Complaints Division

One of the priority objectives of the STT is to investigate cases of bribery of foreign officials, where Lithuanian business entities bribe officials in another country in order to gain unjustified advantage by doing business in that country. This is why reports received from people are particularly important to reduce corruption not only inside the country, but also abroad. Individuals can also be rewarded with a single monetary payment for such reports. However, according to M. Bukauskas, “a single monetary payment is not the main criterion for individuals to report a possible corruption crime. Such reports are first and foremost an example of citizenship and working together to create a more transparent Lithuania.” 

You can report known cases of corruption to the STT in the following ways: on the website, on the “Report to the STT” hotline (8 5) 266 3333, by email to, by using the “Report to the STT” mobile app, by sending a report by post or by visiting the nearest STT office. In all cases, the confidentiality of a person submitting a report is guaranteed.