Representatives of seven European countries shared their anti-corruption experience at an international conference

Last updated: 2020-01-08 16:43
Representatives of seven European countries shared their anti-corruption experience at an...

Can we already say that Lithuania has created an environment resilient to corruption? What can we do to ensure that the youth who will replace us in the future are prepared and resistant to corruption? Such issues were raised at yesterday’s International Conference on the Human Factor and Potential in Managing the Risk of Corruption organised by the Special Investigation Service (STT). During the event, representatives of anti-corruption institutions from seven different countries shared insights on experiences and opportunities to dealing with corruption threats. The event is dedicated to the upcoming December 9 International Anti-Corruption Day.

“We have been developing the anti-corruption environment for quite some time. At first, we thought it would be enough to create one anti-corruption institution in the country and that would be enough. Later on, we decided that a person responsible for corruption prevention is needed in every institution. Question to consider - is that enough? Today we have a nice group of colleagues from other countries. This shows that we are not facing this problem alone and we can do much more together, ” said Director of STT Žydrūnas Bartkus during the opening at the opening of the conference.

The second International conference „Human factor and potential in managing corruption risks“ to address the risk of corruption in public sector was held in Vilnius on 21st of November. The focus of this conference was on the challenges and potential in managing corruption risks, the protection of whistleblowers and anti-corruption and integrity at public and private sectors.

Representatives of anti-corruption authorities from Austria, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia and Latvia took part in the event. They shared their experiences in strengthening the capacities of the integrity officers in creation of the corruption-resistant environment at the state and the municipal institutions.

The target group of this conference was the heads of the state and the municipal institutions or their representatives who are responsible for ensuring the implementation of anti-corruption policy and implementing separate corruption prevention measures.

The international conference was organized by STT  in the frame of the 2015-2019 Interinstitutional Plan of Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Program of the Republic of Lithuania for 2015-2019 and the EU-funded project "Improvement of Public Sector Personnel Qualification in Anti-Corruption Environment and Corruption Prevention" No. 10.1.2-ESFA-V-916-01-0003 measure 2.1.2.