STT starts a new project funded by OLAF

Last updated: 2020-01-08 17:18
STT starts a new project funded by OLAF

The Special Investigation Service (STT) has signed a grant agreement with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) on a new project "Enhancing the analytical capacity of law enforcement authorities to detect and prevent fraud and corruption affecting the financial interests of the EU" under the OLAF-Hercule III program.

"This project is an opportunity to further strengthen data-based risk management of fraud and, in particular, corruption threats, using a Big Data analytics model that allows for accurate and prompt detection of risks before they grow into crimes of corruption," – said STT deputy director Egidijus Radzevičius. "In addition, the project will provide for training of analysts not only from STT, but also from other Lithuanian and foreign law enforcement institutions, which will enable much more effective international cooperation and other positive achievements."

The project provides for international training of data analysts on detection of corruption and fraud risks using big data analytics tools. The training will be attended by 40 data analysts from Lithuania and other European countries and will be led by recognized international experts. The project will contribute to the work of the Big Data Working Group of the European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC), an international organization bringing together more than 80 law enforcement authorities.

Project foresees conducting pilot risks analysis to identify the risks of corruption in the management of EU funds, which will be presented and discussed at the closing event of the project.

Intensive specialized three-day training course is planned in Spring 2020. An additional workshop for the participants will be held in Fall 2020 to strengthen the acquired competences and to present and discuss the pilot risks analysis carried out.

Anticipated outputs of the project implemented by the STT:

- STT and its partners analysts will acquire comprehensive skills and knowledge for integration, analysis and visualisation of large streams of different types of data, thereby better identifying and predicting potential risk factors;

- new prospects for merging, integrating and analysing various previously unusable or dissociated data will emerge;

- the quality of analysis will improve and the acquired skills will allow to reduce the cost and time spent for analysis;

- STT and other law enforcement agencies will increase their awareness and focus in identifying and eliminating fraud and corruption risks affecting EU financial interests;

- cooperation and data sharing among participating law enforcement authorities will increase.

The project is funded under the HERCULE III Programme and the total value of the project is 47 675.99 EUR. The duration of the project –15 months.