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Prerequisites for corruption occurrence in the MES’s project selection


Officials of the Special Investigation Service (STT) have examined the legal framework of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) for planning and coordinating the European Union structural support for 2007-2013. Procedures for project selection defining and planning, prior calling and drawing up of a list of projects have been analysed.

The legal framework procedures for project planning laid down by the MES have been ascertained to be faulty for creating prerequisites for corruption occurrence, retaining possibilities for discretion, providing insufficient control mechanism.

The analysis has revealed several cases when structural departments of the MES did not follow legal acts regulating procedures for the absorption of the EU structural support for 2007-2013 while planning state projects under the National Studies Programme.

STT specialists assess the current regulation of state project planning process as creating conditions for the heads of public administration institutions to extend the list of supported activities and the range of potential applicants at their own discretion, without the approval of the Monitoring Committee. Such legal framework does not comply with provisions of the European Council Regulation (No. 1083/2006) and creates prerequisites for corruption occurrence.

One of the main STT’s proposals to the SEM is the resubmission of amendments of selection criteria for financed activities for the approval of the Monitoring Committee when new potential applicants are changed and identified, and their criteria do not comply with the type of state projects aimed at implementing of functions assigned to the competence of public institutions.

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