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European Union extended programme of support to Anti-Corruption Department of Azerbaijani Prosecutor General


The European Union has extended for five months its program of support to the Azerbaijani top prosecutor’s anti-corruption department, citing progress made since the program was launched in 2009.

"Corruption is a disease that the government is currently attempting to cure. The EU welcomes the government's efforts and stands ready to support them notably though capacity-building and exchange of expertise and best practices", said Roland Kobia, head of the EU delegation to Azerbaijan.

The EU-funded twinning project initiated in September 2009 is implemented by the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service. It contributes to the ongoing capacity building of the Anti-Corruption Department and assists the Prosecutor General to delivery on the 2007 National Strategy on Increasing Transparency and Combating Corruption and the associated National Anti-Corruption Action Plan.

Through a recent presidential decree, staff number of the anti-corruption department was increased and additional funding was allocated for operational and intelligence activities. Matching those efforts, the EU has extended the program to support the Prosecutor General.

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