STT Contributed to Changes in the Fight against Corruption in Azerbaijan

STT has completed the EU-funded Twinning Project, Support for the Anti-Corruption Department with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan that lasted for more than two years. At the closing conference held on the 19th of September 2011 in Baku, Aidenas Karpus, the Project Leader and the First Deputy Director of STT, reviewed the project implementation period and introduced its results.

“We take great pleasure in the changes made in the Azerbaijani sector of fighting against corruption. During the Project we tried our best to provide our colleagues with practical and theoretical knowledge as much as possible and to convey the experience of the EU. It is important that the evaluation of the project by the European Commission experts revealed the achievement of all the planned goals,” said Aidenas Karpus.

In the year 2009-2011, Lithuanian experts arranged training seminars for the Azerbaijani public prosecutors and investigators on methods for combating against corruption, detection and investigation of corruption-related crimes, international co-operation in criminal cases regarding corruption-related crimes, methods for assets recovery and intelligence activities. Also, the methodology for the future trainings was developed and introduced to law enforcement officers. Altogether, more than 30 workshops were held in Azerbaijan and the European Union with the participation of approximately 200 officers from the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’ Office and other law enforcement bodies.

Furthermore, during the project implementation period the Lithuanian experts developed several studies and recommendations on how to organize activities of the Anti-Corruption Department and improve legal acts in order to make the detection and investigation of corruption-related offences more efficient as well as how to recover criminal proceeds and report on its activities to the public.

During this period, having taken into account the experts’ proposals, the Anti-Corruption Department was granted the status of an entity of operational activities, a division of operational activities was established, the number of public prosecutors and investigators was increased and a new organizational structure was approved. In addition, an anti-corruption hotline was launched for those willing to report about the corruption-related offenses.

After Lithuania’s accession to the EU, the state institutions were entitled to support similar institutions in other countries. Lithuania has undertaken to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of the EU Development Co-operation Policy and to share experience and knowledge through Twinning Projects. The development co-operation in the area of corruption prevention as well as detection and investigation of corruption-related crimes is one of the STT’s international co-operation priority areas in line with the provisions of the Action Programme of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania for 2008-2012.