STT set up an extra telephone hotline

The Special Investigation Service (STT) established a new telephone hotline. Persons calling a 24-hour hotline in Vilnius (8 5) 266 3333 will be able to anonymously report possible cases of bribery.

“The hotline is one of the main channels, which is used by residents to report known cases of corruption. Setting up a new telephone hotline that is easier to memorize, we seek to encourage citizens to cooperate more actively with STT officials,” said Mindaugas Urmonas, Head of STT Complaints Division.

He stated that the old telephone hotline was still available – during the transitional period that would last a few months STT officials could also be contacted by calling a 24-hour hotline that had been operated up to the present time.

Each year an increasing number of residents report possible cases of corruption to the STT by telephone. The nature of reports sharply varies from cases of corruption in the construction sector to violations in the field of public procurement.

“It is important that persons call the STT immediately after encountering cases of corruption, since the sooner officers receive information, the greater the likelihood is that a criminal act will be detected quickly and accurately, ” stated Mindaugas Urmonas. “Cases of corruption can be reported anonymously by telephone, however, if a caller agrees to identify himself or herself and provide precise information, investigations have yet higher chances of being successfully completed.”

Usually persons calling the telephone hotline are connected to a STT officer who records information regarding corruption-related offences and passes it on to the STT leadership. After the assessment of the information, an investigation may be launched.

“Calling the telephone number provided by the STT, persons may not only report a known case of corruption. STT oficials also explain how people should act in particular situations when they are directly or indirectly extorted a bribe,” noted Mindaugas Urmonas.

Residents can report cases of corruption to STT officers not only by telephone hotlines (8 5) 266 3333 and (8 5) 266 3379, but also by e-mail, by leaving a message on this website or by arriving at any STT office. At the request of callers, the STT guarantees their anonymity.