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The Parliament approved the Performance Report of the Special Investigation Service for 2012


Today the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (Seimas) approved the Performance Report of the STT for 2012.  When presenting it in the Parliament, Director of STT Saulius Urbanavičius made an overview of the most important results under the three main directions of the fight against corruption: criminal prosecution, corruption prevention and anti-corruption education. He also emphasized that during 2012, the STT focused on complex corruption investigations.

During 2012, STT investigated 92 pretrial investigation cases which is 14 percent more than in 2011. The total number of cases investigated was 290, including 89 criminal cases. The investigation revealed 490 corruption offences.

During the same year, STT brought allegations to 273 persons (216 persons in 2011). 46 criminal cases and 136 persons were transferred to the court after revealing 265 corruption offences.

In the field of corruption prevention, STT conducted anti-corruption assessment of 220 legal acts or draft laws, i.e. 8 percent more than in 2011; collected and presented information about 7002 persons seeking to hold office in a state or municipal agency or company, i.e. 36 percent more than in 2011.

STT organized 98 anti-corruption seminars for civil servants in order to increase state and municipal civil servants’ awareness, to promote intolerance of corruption, encourage greater participation in anti-corruption activities and inform about the damage caused by corruption.

As in previous years, STT officials actively collaborated with the country’s secondary and higher schools. It organized meetings with schoolmasters, pupils, and students, provided methodological assistance for the development of long–term anti–corruption education, participated in various anti – corruption projects, together with the social partners organized and helped to organize different education campaigns.

The Director of STT regretted that budgetary allocations for the agency have been steadily decreasing since 2008. STT does not have sufficient funds to fulfill its direct functions. The majority of funds received by the service are used in the detection of investigation of corruption crimes. Due to the shortage of funds, STT pays less attention to the prevention of corruption and anti-corruption education.

The entire text of the Performance Report of the STT for 2012 is available at:

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