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Sixth meeting of Ethics and Integrity Network was held in Vilnius


6th Meeting of Ethics and Integrity Network, organised in co-operation with the Special Investigation Service took place in Vilnius, from 8 to 9 July.

At this meeting, participants from Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro met with representatives from STT, Chief Official Ethics Commission, Transparency International, State Tax Inspectorate, General Prosecutor‘s Office and Immunity Board of Police department. The objective of the meeting has several aspects: asset declarations, conflicts of interest, general anti - corruption work, also shared best practices and discussed the possibility of cooperation.

ReSPA is an international organisation which has been entrusted with the mission of boosting regional cooperation in the field of public administration in the Western Balkans. As such, ReSPA is a unique historical endeavour, established to support the creation of accountable, effective and professional public administration systems for the Western Balkans on their way to EU accession.

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