Compulsory anticorruption education for future drivers

On 18 May, Special Investigation Service (STT) signed a cooperation agreement with the State Road Transport Inspectorate (SRTI) under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Under this agreement the list of compulsory topics of the training programmes for driving schools will be updated and supplemented with anticorruption content. Future drivers will be trained not only in road traffic rules but also in anticorruption behaviour. They will be also informed on liability for corruption offences.

Furthermore, inspectors controlling passenger and freight transport will be provided with systemic anticorruption training.

“The State Road Transport Inspectorate controls and supervises a large number of areas particularly prone to corruption. This is precisely why we welcome the commitment of this institution to cooperation with the Special Investigation Service in promoting zero tolerance to corruption, encouraging active reporting on attempts to bribe officers both in Lithuania and abroad and implementing corruption prevention and anticorruption awareness raising measures,” confirmed STT Deputy Director Romas Zienka.

STT Deputy Director Romas Zienka and SRTI Deputy Director Darius Sadaunykas.