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High-Profile Trading in Influence Case Submitted to Court


Special Investigation Service together with the Prosecutor General’s Office finished pre-trial investigation, launched in February, concerning trading in influence.

Today the case was submitted to Vilnius County Court.

The officers have sufficient evidence to bring allegations concerning an agreement between a media company manager, G.V., who acted for the benefit of other persons, and leader of a political party, Rolandas Paksas, who, in exchange for a large bribe (about EUR 15,000), allegedly traded his influence on political party members, working in the Ministry of Environment, to exert influence on the employees of the State Territory Planning and Construction Inspectorate accountable to the Ministry, to allow making a trade center operational.

G.V. is charged with trading in influence, a criminal offence provided for in Article 226 (3) of the Criminal Code.

The investigation against the leader of the political party, Rolandas Paksas, is carried out separately from the investigation of G.V.’s actions. Rolandas Paksas is a Member of the European Parliament and enjoys legal immunity. As soon as the immunity is lifted, allegations will be brought and the case will be submitted to court.

In addition, the investigation collected evidence about another instance of trading in influence in the case. Charges have been brought against a businessman, A.Z. who, acting in the interests of other persons, offered and agreed to give a bribe to G.V. to have the G.V. use his public position and connections and exert influence on the officers of the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS). This Lithuanian FIU had been conducting pre-trial investigation of a serious crime, swindling.


Note: pursuant to Criminal Procedure Code Article 44 (6), every suspect in a criminal act is deemed innocent until his or her guilt is proven in compliance with the procedure established by the Code and until the court judgment becomes final.

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