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Investigation into alleged trading in influence targets six suspects


In the pre-trial investigation concerning trading in influence carried out by the Special Investigation Service, six individuals are suspected of having committed offences provided for by several different articles of the Criminal Code. Jonas Milius, director of the State Food and Veterinary Service, is suspected of abuse of office and forgery of documents, other individuals are suspected of abuse of office, trading in influence and forgery of documents. More detailed information on the suspects is not given now to avoid prejudicing the ongoing investigation and proceedings.

A number of non-custodial supervision measures have been imposed on the suspects.

The currently available data allows the suspicion of the fact that the managers of a company producing food products, in pursuing their illicit goals of evading penalties for violations of occupational safety, packing, labelling, hygiene and likewise requirements, bribed different responsible specialists or persons able to influence the specialists and officials.

There has been no information so far that the products posing potential health threat have been marketed in Lithuania. Investigators, with the assistance of specialists, will give a special attention to checking the compliance of these food products with the hygiene and other requirements directly related to human health.

With a view to clarifying circumstances of the established facts, searches , seizures and other proceedings were carried out in the company’s office and production premises, State Food and Veterinary Service, director Jonas Milius’ office, Petras Gražulis’, member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, parliamentary office and residential place in the parliamentary hotel in the presence of the representatives of the Office of the Parliament, territorial unit of the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, etc.

The pre-trial investigation is controlled and led by the prosecutors of the Department of Organised Crime and Corruption Investigation of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

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