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Differently about Corruption: Cartoon Books for Schoolchildren


With the International Anti-Corruption Day (9 December) approaching, Lithuanian schools are to receive cartoon books commissioned by the Special Investigation Service (STT) about corruption and its consequences. The cartoon books created for the youth aged 16–18 mocks people involved in different bribery situations.

“We keep looking for new and non-traditional forms to raise anti-corruption awareness among pupils and teach them how to demonstrate zero tolerance towards corruption. Cartoon books offer an opportunity to look at the issue of corruption differently, using the language understood by the youth. Schools are short of such non-traditional means of anti-corruption education. We think that pupils will appreciate the content of these books and after they read the stories they will not tolerate corruption in their environment,” says head of STT Public Relations Division, Renata Saulytė.

The books tell four real-life type of stories from different fields: environmental protection, healthcare, education and land management. These fields are associated with the biggest corruption risks.

Seeking to handle their matters quickly, the characters in the stories resort to bribery. However, they keep getting more problems caused by their actions because bribery is a criminal offence that is as serious as many other criminal offences. The characters face the same end: they all get “bars for the bribe”. In a clear and appealing language, pupils are explained about the moral and legal responsibility for corruption offences laid down in the Criminal Code.

Cartoon books are distributed to 100 Lithuanian secondary education schools and gymnasiums. The number of copies is 10,000 books.

Prior to developing the publication, selected groups of pupils took part in the surveys explaining their attitude towards corruption, giving feedback to the envisaged content of the book and the impact it may provide.

The development and publication of the anti-corruption cartoon book has been financed by the Internal Security Fund 2014–2020. The publication was developed by the winner of a tender, a public relations agency Idea Group“.

The cartoon books are also available online:

STT is not only a law enforcement body investigating corruption. It performs corruption prevention and anti-corruption education, co-operating with the national educational establishments and giving them recommendations on the issues of anti-corruption education and proving methodological material to them.

For more information, please contact:
Renata Saulytė
Head of Public Relations Division of the Special Investigation Service
A. Jakšto st. 6, 01105 Vilnius
Tel. +370  706 63 330, mob. +370 687 14133

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