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STT invites to inform about corruption via mobile app


The Special Investigation Service (STT) encourages all national residents to be civic and inform STT officials about corruption offences. Now they can do it faster and simpler, using a mobile application “Pranešk STT” (Inform STT).

By using the mobile app “Pranešk STT” on their smart phone people can inform STT about the demand to give a bribe, offer of a bribe, abuse of office or any other corruption offence, take a picture and attach a file with evidence and if necessary use the navigation that will take them to closest office of STT. The mobile application, financed by the EU Internal Security Fund 2014-2020, is suitable for devices using Android and iOS software.

“Faced with corruption offences Lithuanian residents demonstrate more courage in reporting corruption. In the recent years the number of reports has been increasing, the number of anonymous notifications dropping. According to recent data, every third pre-trial investigation has been started on the basis of valuable information provided by people. Therefore, we are looking for new and more user-friendly forms of communication. We encourage people not to tolerate corruption and provide valuable information to STT without delay,” says STT director Saulius Urbanavičius.

According to Urbanavicius, valuable information is a notification containing clear information about the persons who have allegedly been involved in the corruption crime, time, place, amounts of money (in case of bribery), illegal actions, damage done as well as other persons who could verify this information.

Up until now, usually information about corruption was provided by email. Now there is hope that people will be more willing to use the mobile application and agree to give their names. The mobile app can be also used and remain anonymous but STT encourages informants to provide more details about themselves. In that case, confidentiality can be ensured and every informant will be notified about the actions performed by STT and decisions taken. STT officials will be able to contact the informant and clarify the details.

In recent years, the number of corruption notifications has been increasing. During the first three quarters of 2016, 1,456  notifications were registered, to reach about 1,800 notifications by the end of the year. During 2014 and 2015, STT received accordingly 1,316 and 1,509 notifications. Most of them are given in Vilnius region, followed by Kaunas and Klaipėda regions.

Trust in STT has been steadily increasing: the number of anonymous reports has been dropping. During 2015, out of 1,509 notifications 413 were anonymous. This year, the number of anonymous reports is 399.

The offences of corruption most frequently reported by people are related to the activities of municipalities and their bodies, land management, health protection and pharmacy. Most often, people register the following forms of bribe: money, works contracts, trips to exotic countries, jewellery, cars.

STT officials disclose serious, systemic crimes, inflicting the biggest damage to the state: bribery, trading in influence, abuse of office, failure to perform official duties. Every year, courts convicted more than 100 persons in cases investigated by STT. The majority of such convicts are politicians and persons who had occupied high level positions in the private and public sectors.

The mobile application (in Lithuanian) can be downloaded here:

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