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Co-operation Agreement Signed with National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine


On 13 December, Director of the Special Investigation Service (STT), Saulius Urbanavičius, and Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, signed a co-operation agreement. The aim of the agreement is closer co-operation of the two anti-corruption bodies in the area of corruption prevention and investigation.

This is the first official visit of NABU leadership and 4 other officers in Lithuania. Apart from STT, Ukrainian anti-corruption officers will have meetings with the Prosecutor General’s Office, Anti-Corruption Commission of the Parliament (Seimas) and Financial Crime Investigation Service under the Ministry of the Interior..

“STT will provide its expertise an anti-corruption body of Ukraine, a country of the EU Eastern Partnership. The co-operation agreement provides for the terms of co-operation in disclosing and investigating corruption offices and taking other anti-corruption measures. Co-operation with Ukraine is undoubtedly among our top priorities,“ says STT director Saulius Urbanavičius.

Development co-operation between Lithuania and Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the Government Programme of the Republic of Lithuania, European Union Eastern Neighbourhood policy guidelines and Republic of Lithuania Development Co-operation Policy Directions of 2014–2016.

This year, STT organized 15 international visits. At present, STT has close international co-operation links with the anti-corruption bodies in Georgia, Poland, Latvia, Armenia and Moldova.

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