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The Lithuanian Map of Corruption 2016


In September-October 2016 a public opinion and market research center “Vilmorus“ conducted a study "The Lithuanian Map of Corruption 2016“, initiated by the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania. The study is a part of the project "Implementation of the survey “The Lithuanian Map of Corruption", development and implementation of anti-corruption social advertising system", co-financed by the European Social Fund under the 2014-2020 European Union investment operational program.

Three target groups were researched: Lithuanian residents, business executives and civil servants. A total of 1,002 residents of Lithuania, 503 business executives, 502 civil servants were surveyed.

Lithuanian residents place corruption on the 5th place among the most acute problems, after low-wage, emigration, rising prices, alcoholism. 56% of the population indicated corruption as a very serious problem.

In an open question about the most corrupt institutions, the residents most frequently mentioned health care institutions (51%), the Seimas (42%), the courts (37%). In many cases, various institutions have been mentioned more frequently. Business leaders and civil servants most frequently mentioned health care institutions, but also - the Seimas and municipalities.

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