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Business representatives focus on anti-corruption environment creation


The discussion "Why it is necessary to generate an environment of integrity in business?" –  probably the most important awareness – raising event out of five planned this year – was held in Vilnius on 23 of May 2017.

The main organiser of this set of awareness-raising seminars is Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania. Other public and private sector stakeholders are also actively involved – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian NCP, Responsible Business Association of Lithuania, DNB Bank, Ernst & Young Baltic, Lithuanian Chief Official Ethics Commission, Transparency International Lithuania, NGO “Clear Wave”, Lithuanian Business Confederation, Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

Anti-Corruption handbook for business, that refers to the OECD policy tools, helps  countries tackle corruption in all forms as well as to provide Lithuanian business the information on the latest trends and initiatives related to the OECD efforts in promoting RBC (Responsible business conduct) and anti-corruption principles for business, was presented by the  Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania officials. Also in this discussion Ms. Leah Ambler, OECD expert, presented International Business Integrity Standards – the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Business representatives shared the examples of best practices of creating anti – corruption environmental in their companys.

It is expected that best practice examples, recommendations and prepared  Anti-Corruption handbook is a convenient and useful tool for private sector companies seeking more effective corruption prevention.

Anti-Corruption Handbook for Business


In photo: Ms. Leah Ambler, OECD expert and Mindaugas Lankauskas, The Law Institute of Lithuania, researcher.

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