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Share experience with Moldova in Twinning project


The consortium between Lithuania (Lead MS), Romania (Junior partner) and Finland (Junior partner) will implement the European Union Twinning Project “Support to the strengthening of the operational capacities of the Law Enforcement Agencies of the Republic of Moldova in the field of investigation of criminal acts of corruption”.

The Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania (as the Project Leader), together with Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Police Department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Prosecutor General’s of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Customs, Junior partners – Romanian Anti-Corruption General Directorate and Finland will implement this project.

The Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania will be responsible for the successful implementation of the project, Central Project Management Agency (CPMA), Lithuania, will ensure project administrative and financial management.

EU tender was launched for the implementation of this project. In addition to Lithuanian – Romanian authorities, the Dutch – Swedish and Finnish participated in the tender.

The total Project budget is 1.000.000 EUR will be financed by the European Commission. The duration of the Project is 2 years. The purpose the Project is to strengthen the institutional capacities of the National Anti-Corruption Centre (NAC), Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (APO), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), General Police Inspectorate (GPI) and Customs Service, in order to increase the efficiency in the fight against corruption. Also strengthening of the investigative capacities of the above mentioned institutions in the field of prevention and investigation of criminal acts of corruption.

The project aims at achieving the following results: 
1. Capacities of the NAC, Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Office, MIA, GPI and Customs Service to combat corruption through the appropriate use of special investigative techniques, methods and equipment are strengthened.
2. Decision-making, internal procedures as well as interagency co-operation, co-ordination and communication related to investigation of criminal cases of corruption are enhanced in line with EU best practices.
3. Capacities of the NAC to conduct professional integrity testing in the public sector built up in line with best EU and international practices and respecting human rights.

This is already the 4th EU Twinning Project, won by the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

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