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We share experience with representatives of Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions


Today, the representatives of Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions are visiting Special Investigation Service (STT). This is a part of few days educational visit.

During the visit, Director of the STT Mr. Saulius Urbanavičius and his deputies met with representatives of the Ukrainian delegation: Artem Sytnyk - Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), Nazar Kholodnickiy – the Head of the Special Anti-Corruption Office (SAPO), Eka Tkeshelashvili – the Head of European Union project which purpose is to fight against Corruption in Ukraine, and others. The STT leaders introduced STT activities and structure, shared good experience (practice) in corruption-related criminal investigations and corruption prevention.

 „We are happy with cooperation between Lithuanian and Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and opportunity to share experience in corruption-related investigations and corruption prevention fields. Participation in international projects and experts’ support help to achieve better results and apply good practice in the Service activities ", says Director of STT Mr. Saulius Urbanavičius.

The Ukrainian law enforcement officers' educational visit to Lithuania is organized by the European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative Program in Ukraine.

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