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Business conference "Economy of responsibility: from volunteering to new business models"


On October 16th in the annual responsible business conference"Economy of responsibility: from volunteering to new business models" the exciting responsible business trends and practical examples of sustainable and socially responsible business were discussed and initiatives presented. This conference unites business leaders and experts from Lithuania and abroad who share their experience. The main goal of the conference is to encourage the development of responsibility in Lithuanian business by presenting successful practices of integrating sustainability principles into core business practices.

A lot of attention was paid to the issue of business transparency, which were reviewed by the Special Investigation Service representative. The STT presented the topic "Opinions and tendencies: how business‘ viewpoint on transparency has transformed“, in which key elements on impeccable business reputation were noticed, as well as advantages of anti – corruption measures implementation, sociological survey‘s „The Lithuanian Map of Corruption 2016“ positive trends and the importance of Lithuania's efforts towards the membership in the OECD and fight aginst foreign bribery.

During the conference examples of good practices and corporate social responsibility insights from business leaders and sustainability were shared by experts from Scandinavian countries and Lithuania. The annual responsible business event attracted over 100 representatives of Lithuanian and foreign capital companies annually.


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