The case of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant was submitted to the court

Three senior management of the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) and representatives from several companies soon will be send to the court. The criminal case was submitted to the court for the criminal offenses related to the corruption in the INPP.

The pre-trial investigation was started, when officials of the Special Investigation Service (STT) were interested in an auction of INPP assets in 2014. There were suspicions that it was supposed in advance who would become the winner of the auction.

The auction was held to sell 2,000 tons of copper tubes contaminated with radioactive materials. The auction was attended by two participants only. One of the participants, an enterprise from Germany, won the auction by acquiring the right to purchase contaminated tubes at an initial price of more than 1.5 million EUR. At that time, the market price of clean one ton of copper was almost 5 times higher – about  3 765 EUR.

6 persons were accused of abuse of the power acting in the organized group: INPP General Director, former General Director, former Chief Commercial Officer, delegate of the German company, Director of  Lithuanian company and German citizen. Two of them were also charged with the illegal disposition of radioactive materials.

During this pre-trial investigation, STT applied to the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania asking to evaluate whether the Law on Competition was violated arranging and conduction the auctions. In December 2017, The Competition Council stated that the two companies, participated in the auction, by prior agreement, merely imitated competition, and the fine of 27 000 EUR was imposed for each company for violation of the Law on Competition.