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There is an investigation going on regarding the possible attempt to bribe a Lithuanian military officer


The Special Investigation Service (STT) Siauliai Department’s officers carry out a pre-trial investigation due to the possible attempt to bribe a Lithuanian military officer, in order to create exceptional conditions for one private company to win the international procurement of the Lithuanian Military.

Pre-trial investigation was initiated upon the information received from The Second Investigation Department (AOTD) under the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania. Information was, that the head of one private company was trying to bribe the representative of Lithuanian Air Force (LAF is the military aviation branch of the Lithuanian armed forces), by offering a bribe of more than 90,000 euros in order to create exclusive conditions for one foreign company to participate and win a public procurement tender.

Suspicions of bribery were raised to the Head of the private company. According to the investigation data, the suspect possibly through unlawful acts sought the benefit to one of the Latvian companies. The suspect was arrested yesterday (2018-11-14), searches were made at his home and at his workplace. Yesterday (2018-11-14), a search was carried out in one Latvian company.

This pre-trial investigation was initiated by co-operation of STT officials with the AOTD, as well as with officials from Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau of Latvia (KNAB).

"This case is another example to follow when institutions themselves create an anti-corruption environment within them, and if identified a specific case of corruption, immediately notify the STT. It is not easy for institutions to achieve, that about concrete attempt to bribe would inform each employee, but this example shows that it is possible and it would be good that such cases in Lithuania would increase in all areas", says Director of STT Žydrūnas Bartkus.

Pre-trial investigation is controlled by the Prosecutor of the Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Division of the Šiauliai Regional Prosecutor's Office.

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