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Investigation due to the possible foreign bribery case in the energy sector continues


Officials of the Special Investigation Service (STT) Vilnius Department, in cooperation with the UK law enforcement agencies, continue the pre-trial investigation launched in 2015 on potential large-scale passive and active bribery. Pre-trial investigation is organized and controlled by the Prosecutors of General Prosecutor's Office Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Department.

The pre-trial investigation started with the data that during the period from 2004 to 2010 AB “Lietuvos elektrinė” and AB “Lietuvos Energija” were organizing and carrying out international high-value public procurement related to the projects “Environmental and technical upgrade of Lithuanian power plant in Elektrenai” and “Modernization project of Kaunas hydro power plant". In order to secure the winning of public procurement and unimpeded implementation of projects, high-value bribes were possibly passed and received.

The data gathered during the pre-trial investigation suggests that criminal acts were potentially committed by AB “Lietuvos energija” (earlier name AB “Lietuvos elektrinė”) representatives and high-ranking persons of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania (new name from 01-01-2019 Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania), as well as employees and representatives of “Alstom” Group companies. In the course of the investigation regarding possibly committed crime - passive bribery, the former head of AB “Lietuvos energija” R. J. was questioned as a suspect.

The pre-trial investigation is carried out in parallel with the UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation on the offenses committed by Alstom's representatives by bribing Lithuanian and other countries state officials. In cooperation between STT and SFO, the data collected during the investigation were exchanged, and the investigative actions necessary for the detection of criminal offenses were carried out in Lithuania and other countries.

Following SFO's investigation in the UK, the court found three former representatives of the Alstom group and its branch office in Sweden guilty of active bribery. Circumstances of corruption offenses committed in the Republic of Lithuania by convicted persons are also investigated in a pre-trial investigation conducted by STT.

“Alstrom Power” company in the abovementioned court proceedings in 2016 admitted that was guilty of corruption offenses made by its representatives, paid a fine imposed by the court and compensated nearly 13 million EUR damages to the Republic of Lithuania.

The ongoing investigation conducted by STT continues. The organizational process of conducting important investigative actions in the UK is going on. There was no possibility to perform these actions until the SFO case was closed. Answers are also awaited to several European Investigation Orders. Requested documents are of particular importance for the pre-trial investigation.

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