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Visit of representatives from North Macedonia


On 3-4 April, 2019 representatives from the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia have visited Special Investigation Service (STT) Headquarters where STT officers presented the implemented measures of corruption prevention and anti-corruption education.

The members of the North Macedonian delegation were presented with STT functions, Lithuanian corruption prevention system, methods of corruption risk analysis and anti-corruption verification of legislation. During the meeting, STT anti-corruption education specialists presented the anti-corruption education activities that are being carried out such as: trainings, initiatives and designed interactive tools for the youth. Trends and vision, corruption prevention and anti-corruption education measures that can create a corruption-resistant environment were discussed during the two days. The results of the sociological survey \"The Lithuanian Map of Corruption 2018\" were presented by the STT anti-corruption education specialists.

Head of the Anti-corruption education division of STT, Jurgita Razmytė, notes that \"Anti-corruption education is one of the essential elements while seeking for transparency in the country. It is extremely important to develop public anti-corruption awareness and intolerance for the corruption. International cooperation plays an important role in the implementation of anti-corruption education measures, allowing the possibility to adapt the best practices of others in their activities and to share our own experience in this field.\"

As a specialised anti-corruption institution, STT continually strengthens cooperation with other foreign countries’ anti-corruption institutions in Poland, Latvia, Romania, Moldova, Sakartvelo, Ukraine, Austria, Estonia, United Kingdom, etc.

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