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Tribute paid to fighters against corruption on the international anti-corruption day


On December 9  nine persons comprising national, regional and internet media representatives and TV and radio program presenters were given out the prizes in the contest „Media Against Corruption“ – the statuettes of pens symbolising a laureate acuity of mind, attitude and writing. This was the 2nd edition of the contest organised by the Special Investigation Service (STT), the Lithuanian Journalists Union (LŽS) and the National Association of Journalists Creators (NŽKA).

The organisers of the contest were happy that the contest attracted the journalists dwelling on the urgent and sore issues related to corruption and disclosing the dishonest civil servants and officials in their professional investigatory works. Over 30 journalists with more than fifty publications, aired TV and radio programs submitted for the contest „Media Against Corruption“ were competing for the title of the laureate and prize winner.

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day the STT also honoured the active public figures for their distinction in anticorruption activities.

“We are especially delighted that more and more people understand that only with their assistance and only all of us together we would be able to combat corruption”, said STT director Žimantas Pacevičius during the event.

See event photos in the photo gallery of the present website.

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