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Winners of the school students contest on anticorruption themes announced


The Special Investigation Service (STT) and the Lithuanian School Students Union (LMS) chose the best drawings and essays having taken part in the contest “No Hand to Corruption”.

More than 50 secondary schools and gymnasiums of Lithuania took part in the contest launched by the STT to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day marked on December 9 annually.

The Vilnius office of the Lithuanian School Students Union received over 200 drawings and even a bigger number of essays in which the school students laid down their opinion on corruption as a phenomenon and fight against it.

The commission made up from the representatives of the LMS and the STT faced a tough task – to select the most creative participants of the drawing contest “World without Corruption” and the essay contest on the themes “What Makes People Dishonest”  and “Corruption – a Perfect Quagmire?”.

“We did not expected such abundance of works. This activity shows that the school students are not indifferent to negative consequences of corruption, that they want and can show to adults how to deal with problems in order to eradicate this phenomenon from our society”, said LMS president Austė Bartnikaitė.

The school students were not only drawing and writing. Members of the Lithuanian School Students Union were also collecting signatures of various officials, who also expressed their commitment to avoid the trap of corruption. This action was intended to draw attention of civil servants and the public at large to the problems of corruption in Lithuania and to demonstrate that the school students were not indifferent to them and wished to contribute to curbing corruption in the country.

Numerous events to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day were taking place in the Lithuanian schools for two weeks in December. Teachers organised meetings with politicians and various social figures, students discussed the damage of corruption and sought ways of motivating the people to fight with it in a more active manner.

“The anti-corruption education at general education schools is aimed at development of value attitudes and skills indispensable for formation of young peoples’ civic and anticorruption position. Variety of anticorruption events and contests provide a possibility for school students to express their view, get into the depth of the problem and not tolerate corruption in the future”, explained STT representative Renata Remeikaitė.

See the drawings by school students in the gallery of the website.

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