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Serious organised crime agency (UK) specialists visit STT


On Thursday, March 19, the anti-corruption section officers of the SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency of the United Kingdom paid a visit to the STT. The purpose of their visit was to find out the possibilities for cooperation between the STT and the SOCA in corruption associated offences.

During the visit the presentation of the SOCA Corruption Combat section’s intelligence and operative activities in investigation of corruption related activities in the country and abroad was made and possibilities of exchange of intelligence information and operation safety issues were discussed.

“Prompt exchange of intelligence information about offences is the foundation for cooperation in law enforcement sphere in the European Union with the common goal of assurance of citizens’ safety. It is necessary to ensure that the law enforcement institutions had a possibility to request general information and intelligence information in particular from other member states and could receive such information both at the start of criminal intelligence information collection and at the stage of completing investigation of an offence as it is provided for in the framework decision on simplifying the exchange of intelligence between law enforcement authorities of the Member States of the Union”, said Valdas Jacynas, head of the STT department responsible for intelligence work.

SOCA is interested in establishing contacts with the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian corruption combating institutions. More information about this organisation is at

The Framework Decision of the EU Council is at 206/960/TVR


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