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STT was member of the EPAC partners working group “constitution”


April 20 to 21 the STT representatives took part at meeting of the working groups of the EPAC (European Partners Against Corruption) and the EACN (European Anti-Corruption Contact-Point Network ) in Vienna.

The members of the working groups for drafting the EPAC and EACN constitutions were representatives of the police oversight bodies and anti-corruption authorities from Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, France, Hungary and Bulgaria. Nearly 30 representatives of above mentioned institutions were working on the constitution drafts regulating the collaboration possibilities and expansion of networking.

Police oversight and anti-corruption institutions of 27 European countries take part in the EPAC activities. The goal of the organisation is to strengthen cooperation in sharing corruption combating and police oversight experience. The Special Investigation Service is taking an active part in the work of the EPAC.


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