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Seimas confirmed the National anti- corruption program


On Thursday, May 14, the Seimas (Parliament) passed the resolution amending the resolution titled “On Confirmation of the National Anti-Corruption Program of the Republic of Lithuania”. The action plan for 2009-2010 provided in the National Anti-Corruption Program (herein- NACP) will be implemented by the state, municipality and public entities and social organisations.

The purpose of the NACP is to assure long term, efficient and purposeful system of corruption control and prevention.

When updating the program special attention was paid to removal of the shortcomings identified in the course of implementation of the previous program, and preparation of a more effective plan of measures. The proposals provided by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Audit Committee of the Seimas as well contained in the State Audit Report on National Anti-Corruption Program 2002-2007 prepared by the National Audit Office were taken into account. The draft program was coordinated with the state and municipality institutions and social organisations, it was made public on the Special Investigation Service (STT) website and anyone willing to make comments and submit proposals had access to it.

Like previous NACP, the new program consists of three blocks: corruption prevention, investigation of corruption related offences and anti-corruption education. But the program management scheme has been changed in principle:  the role of the Inter-institutional commission for fighting corruption in coordination and the role of the STT in program implementation control were strengthened and a clear cut procedure for submission of proposals, reports and information by the state and municipal institutions was defined. Besides, a different approach was taken as to the structure and content of the plan of measures in the NACP. Concrete measures were fixed for implementation of the tasks included in the NACP and the particular evaluation criteria to assess implementation level of the objectives and measures were worked out to ease execution of regular monitoring and ensure objective feedback.

The corruption prevention section of the new program contains the biggest number of measures in order to achieve improvement of administrative and public services in the spheres of e-government, customs, healthcare, construction, environment and public procurement.

No separately allocated funding for implementation has been envisaged and the program will be fulfilled from the state funds and funding allocated to municipal institutions.

The National Anti-Corruption Program is prepared and its implementation is organised and controlled by the Government with participation of the Special Investigation Service.

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