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STT officers took part in the 9th EPAC Conference


The 9th annual conference of the informal network EPAC (European Partners Against Corruption) titled „Continuing the Dialogue - Fighting Corruption with Integrity“ took place in Nova Gorica, Slovenia during November 4 to 6 of 2009. The STT officers, who took part in it together with the representatives of police monitoring and anticorruption institutions from 23 European Union and Western Balkan countries adopted two important documents.

The conference adopted the constitution of the EACN, the EU contact-point network against corruption established on Council Decision 2008/852/JHA (OJ L 301/38), and the constitution of the EPAC. These documents regulate the activities of networks, procedures of cooperation and representation. The conference also elected the management bodies of both networks and adopted the conference declaration.

The aim of the EPAC is to strengthen cooperation through sharing experience in the spheres of fighting corruption and police monitoring.

The Special Investigation Service takes an active part in the activities of the EPAC. The draft proposal to the Seimas (Parliament) has been submitted to appoint the STT the member of the EACN. The preliminary date for consideration of above project is November 24.

•    EPAC Constitution document
•    EACN constitution document
•    Conference Declaration

Source: STT International cooperation department,,

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