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Protection of persons reporting corruption discussed in the President‘s Office


On Wednesday, November 25, the discussion on the draft law „On Protection of persons reporting corruption“ was organised in the President‘s Office.

The representatives of the Special Investigation Service (STT), Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT), State Tax Inspection, State Labour Inspection, General Prosecutor‘s Office, Police Department and „Transparency International, Lithuania (TILS) discussed about how to guarantee legal protection of the country residents having reported corruption and other offences, analysed provisions of the draft law „On Whistleblower Protection“ and possibilities for application of such law, experience of other countries in protection of corruption reporting persons from possible reprisal and retaliation.
At present the protection of the persons having reported offences of corruptive nature (whistleblowers) is not regulated by the national legal acts, so the corruption intransigent residents are not protected from possible administrative reprisal or retaliation (e.g. dismissal from work).

Having analysed the whistleblower protection problem the Transparency International, Lithuanian Chapter, developed the draft law „On Whistleblower Protection“ defining the concept and status of a whistleblower, regulating application of provisional protection measures for such persons, procedures and terms of their application.

Numerous remarks were made regarding the scope of application of the provisions proposed in the draft law „On Whistleblower Protection“, i.e. protection measures applied to whistleblowers having reported about all unlawful (criminal activities, administrative offences, etc.) and unethical (violation of codes of ethics and regulations) activities and not only illegal acts of a corruptive nature.

„The draft needs to be improved, however the above remarks do not deny the protection model proposed in the draft law „On Whistleblower Protection“. Any citizen intransigent with the manifestation of corruption must be socially protected from any impact of an employer or any other person“, says STT officer.

The provisions of Art.33 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and Art.9 of the Civil Law Convention obligate Lithuania to ensure due legal protection of the whistleblowers having reported offences of a corruptive nature.

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