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International Anti-corruption Day - public is urged to contribute to combating corruption


On the occasion of the International Anti-corruption Day to be marked on Wednesday, December 9, Her Excellency President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė will pay a visit to the Special Investigation Service (STT) and other events devoted to this special day will be taking place.

December 9, the day proclaimed by the United Nations to be the International Anti-corruption Day and marked all over the world is intended to draw people‘s attention to corruption and motivate them to be intransigent with it and combat it. Discussions on the topic are organised, documentaries are shown and TV/radio programs are aired on that day in various countries of the world.

The following events will be take place in December to mark the International Anti-corruption Day:

December 9. Round-table discussion titled „Society and Media“ will be organised in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and the topics to be dwelt upon will include: crises in implementation of the Law on Public Information, journalist‘s ethics boundaries, influence of business groups on the media, threat of trust deficiency to media, and others. Discussion will begin at 10:00.

December 9. Five best essay writers, participants of the essay contest „I Know How to Curb Corruption“ organised by the Lithuanian School Students Union and the STT will be announced.  All 9 to 12 grade general secondary school and 1 to 4 grade gymnasium students could take part in this contest of creativity.

December 9. The Lithuanian Students Union will organise a conference as a part of the project „Transparent Studies“ to discuss efficiency of anti-corruptive measures in higher education. The participants of the conference are expected to become the representatives of various institutions, special guests and members of the essay contest „Transparent Studies“ jury. The goal of the event is to encourage more active interest in and analysis of  the consequences of corruption in higher educational institutions, to promote more active anti-corruption position of the academic youth and enhance their knowledge on corruption. During the conference the writers of winning essays in the contest „Transparent Studies“ will be awarded with the Diplomas of Gratitude signed by the director the STT and commemorative gifts.  The conference is scheduled to take place at the Management and Economics department of the ISM (International School of Management) (Arklių 18, Vilnius), at 14:00. More information available at

December 9.
The event of awarding the winners of the contest „Create social advertising against corruption“ organised for creative youth by the Charity and Sponsorship Foundation „Kaunas Development Forum“ (KPF), Anticorruption Commission of the Kaunas City Municipality Council and Special Investigation Service will begin at 14:00 in Kaunas, at the historic president‘s office (Vilniaus 33). The contest was organised in order not only to find out what forms of corruption young people come across, but also to identify the motives and values, promotion of which would stop corruption. The images of the social advertising in video, photo and poster format can be found on

December 14.
The most intolerant corruption journalists will be awarded in Vilnius. Žimantas Pacevičius, Director of the STT, will be awarding the Diplomas of Gratitude to the winners of the 3rd edition of the contest titled „Media Against Corruption“. The goal of the contest, which is organised by the STT, Lithuanian Journalists Union (LŽZ) and National Association of Journalists Creators (NŽKA) is to stimulate the representatives of the Lithuanian mass media not only to show more interest in corruption themes, but also to analyse and investigate the phenomenon of corruption and built the society‘s intolerance to corruption. The event will take place at the conference hall of the Agency of the Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association (LATGA-A) (J.Basanavičiaus 4B).

December 1 to 20. The national television will show the social video clip reminding the people that giving a bribe is an offence and urging to report to the STT the cases of corruption when noticed. More active contribution to the unfaltering combat with corruption is promoted also by the video information titled “Together we can crack corruption” shown on huge outdoor screens in major cities of Lithuania.

STT social advertisement video clip
STT video information

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