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General public education campaign launched by the STT recognised to be the best campaign in the Baltic States


The public education project of the Special Investigation Service (STT) titled “Enhancement of Anti-corruption Efforts” developed by the Lithuanian public relations company “Integrity PR” (financed from the EU funds) was announced to be the best campaign of the year in the Baltic States. The above company was given such award at the “European Excellence Awards” ceremony.

“It was the first time a Lithuanian company was taking part in the contest. We are very proud to be among the 60 winners as the contest was really a huge one with 1250 projects from all over Europe applying”, said Daiva Lialytė, director of “Integrity PR”.

“During the project implementation we became fans of it.  I think everyone understands that the figure of 70 per cent of the Lithuanians prepared to give a bribe if required means a very bad indicator. Besides, prior to this project only 18 per cent of residents knew who to turn to having come across corruption” , said D.Lialytė.

That is why the performers of the campaign set the goal of improving the people’s knowledge about who and where to report to and reducing the level of indifference to this vice and explaining how any citizen could contribute to reduction of corruption.

In the course of the project the awareness of the residents who and where to report to the cases of corruption went up from 18 to 37 per cent, and reporting itself grew up by 29 per cent. The message of this social promotion campaign reached 84 per cent of the target audience.

The “Integrity PR” was implementing this communications project in cooperation with the Public Relations Department of the STT, advertising agency “VRD Grupė” and the Danish Consulting company “Ramboll Management”.

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