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Winners of “Media Against Corruption” Contest Awarded


The contest “Media Against Corruption 2009” was held by the Special Investigation Service (STT), the Lithuanian Journalists Union (LŽS) and the National Association of Journalists Creators (NŽKA) already a third time. The contest winners award ceremony took place on Monday, December 14.

The present contest was devoted to the International Anti-corruption Day proclaimed by the United Nations to be on December 9  and marked all over the world in order to draw people‘s attention to corruption and motivate them to combat it.

Last week the commission composed of the LŽS, NŽKA and STT representatives selected the winners in three categories – national press and internet, local (cities and regions) press, and television and radio.

The forty-two works submitted to the contest were assessed as to the criteria of topicality of information, social significance, quality and variety of information sources, originality and creativity.

The organisers of the contest „Media Against Corruption“ urged the participants of the contest as well as other representatives of national mass media not only to show more interest in corruption issues, but also to analyse and investigate corruption as a phenomenon and shape public intolerance to corrupted public servants and officers.

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