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International corruption cases investigation experience shared by the Lithuanian law enforcement experts in Azerbaijan


During February 10 and 11 the expert of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania arranged meetings with the Anti-Corruption Department with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan (herein – the Department) on international cases co-ordination and execution issues, discussed ways of cooperation with the Interpol, Europol and Eurojust institutions.

The seminars in Azerbaijan were attended by the prosecutors and inquest officers of the Department and officials of the International Communications Division of the General Prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan. These seminars were delivered as a part of the EU Twinning Program Project “Support for the Anti-Corruption Department with the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Azerbaijan” implementation of which was awarded to Lithuania.

The prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania delivered reports to the Azerbaijani officers, arranged and guided their discussions on problem areas in investigation and cooperation with such international law enforcement institutions as the Interpol (International Police organisation), the Europol (European Police Bureau) and the Eurojust (European Union (EU) legal cooperation body) .

During the meetings the issues of legal assistance through transferring criminal prosecution to other countries or seeking extradition (in case of a double criminality), double criminality for the same offence, property seizure (or confiscation) and other practical topics were discussed.

The goal of the EU funded project commenced on July 24, 2009 by the STT is to enhance  the anti-corruption competences of the Azerbaijani institutions and powers/authority of the Anti-Corruption Department with the General Prosecutor, to share the EU and Lithuania‘s experience in combating corruption and to assist the colleagues in carrying out their national anti-corruption programs. The project is implemented by the Special Investigation Service and the General Prosecutor‘s Office of the Republic of Lithuania.

The project is expected to assist the implementation of the National Measures Program of Azerbaijan for 2007 to 2010 and increase the capabilities of the Azerbaijani institutions to fight corruption in the country.

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