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EU support to the STT activities efficiency improvement


The Special Investigation Service (herein – the STT or the Service) is starting  implementation of the project financed from the EU funds for introduction of a unified   budget planning and implementation control, finance and material resources accounting and management system.

It is expected that the automation of all processes related to finance and material resources accounting and management will lead to data consistency assurance, and the possibilities for better data analysis and generation of reports/statements will be considerably improved.

Violeta Grigalienė, STT officer in charge of the project implementation says, that the system to be introduced would allow to correlate the results of the program „Prevention of and Fight against Corruption Related Crimes and Offences“ currently implemented by the STT and the allocations to attain them, i.e. provide a possibility to perform regular and objective assessment of the resultance, efficiency, usefulness and sustainable effect of the program under implementation.

Transfer of all the STT budget planning and implementation control, procurement and contract management processes to the electronic medium would result in easier budget planning and control, reduction of operation costs, employees working time saving and a more operative decision taking.

The project under implementation will allow the STT to operatively react to the needs for outsourcing by choosing the optimal structure, assessing alternative offers and comparison of the results of our operations against the resources used.

The project will be implemented following the Human Resources Development Operational Program for 2007 to 2013 confirmed by the Ministry of Interior ( Priority 4 “Fostering Administrative Competence and Increasing Efficiency of Public Administration” , measure “Improvement of Public Administration System”).

The bigger share of financing comes from the EU Social Fund (319,3 thou.Lt), the remaining (56,3 thou.Lt)  will be allocated by the Government.

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