Corruption and fraud prevention in healthcare sector was discussed

The president of European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (EHFCN) Paul Vincke visited Special Investigation Service (STT) on 7th of September for the first time. During the meeting with STT director Žimantas Pacevičius the relevant matters of corruption and fraud prevention in European healthcare systems were discussed. It was also debated on the issues of Lithuanian healthcare system and the activity of corruption prevention in this field.

During further meeting of Paul Vincke and the head of Ministry of Health as well as heads of subordinate institutions, which was attended by officers of STT Corruption Prevention Board, the possibilities of European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network to support Lithuania to establish a methodology of fraud and corruption damage calculation, to share the experience with other countries in implementing corruption prevention in healthcare sector.

P. Vickle stated that a small bribery between a patient and doctor is the problem of many Eastern European countries because of formed habits, culture, however, it is not avoided by other European countries, and therefore, consistent corruption prevention needs to be implemented. The guest was interested in e-services of State Patients’ Fund on the internet. Using these services the residents may see the provided medical services and issued compensated drugs. P. Vickle positively evaluated the new medicine prescription procedure, i.e., the possibility to select the acceptable drugs for the patient.

European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network is the only organization in Europe, which coordinates and supports the efforts of European countries to create and apply effective means of corruption and fraud prevention in the healthcare system. At the moment the organization consists of 23 association members from 10 European countries. Lithuania is represented by the Ministry of Health and STT in this network.